Vision and Values

Together We Follow Jesus for The Sake of Others.
As a church family, we unite around eight core beliefs. These are our DNA, the make up of who we are and who we are becoming.
As a church family we unashamedly minister for the sake of:
Biblical Truth: God’s written word is our guide and authority in everything. We stand firm where it leads us to Jesus, and flexible where it is flexible. – Hebrews 4:12, John 5:39
Family: We believe that God works best when we are committed to each other in all ages and stages of life. Life change happens when we are intentionally committed to each other in Jesus centered relationships. All ages have a role to play in the body of Christ. – 1 Corinthians 12:12-26
Canadian and Others: The church is at its best when it exists to bless others. We strive to take the posture of servants in all that we do. Our ministry begins in Canadian and works its way out into the wider area and the world. – Matthew 5:43-48
Everyday Discipleship: Success as a church is found in our devotion and love for Jesus Christ. Fully following Jesus is normal for people who call themselves Christians. – Mark 8:34-35
Transformation: We are far from perfect, but we believe in life change. God’s Spirit is at work among us; forming us, shaping us, and equipping us to look more like Jesus Christ. – Romans 12:1-2, Romans 8
Love: Our source of strength and motivation is the love of God. That love overflows in our actions in all that we do. – 1 John 4:7
Grace: No one is beyond the mercy and forgiveness of God, nor can we earn it. We are followers of Jesus only because of God’s grace. Grace allows to be honest about our sins and hopeful for our future.
– Romans 6:23
The Uncommitted: People that don’t know God, matter to God. Therefore, people who have yet to be introduced to Jesus, matter to us. – Luke 15
We believe that the Bible clearly tells us to have shepherds, or elders, lead the local congregation (1 Peter 5, 1 Timothy 3).
These men are dedicated to leading like and leading us to the Good Shepherd – Jesus.
Guy Hufstedler
Warren Rivers
Shane Sawyer
Jerry Smith
Kelley Ward
Dean Smith
Ministry Staff
Often seen as the face of the church, our church staff has been hired to fulfill the tangible, day to day ministries of the church. Our shepherds have hired this staff to move us forward in our mission and purpose to reach others with the gospel of Jesus.
Jake Perkins 
Preaching Minister
More than anything Jake and his wife Allison want to see people come alive to the message of Jesus.  He loves the city of Canadian and the people in it.  He and Allison have two boys.
Barry Hobson
Youth Minister
Barry loves teens and it shows.  Having worked with our church family for almost 1.5 decades, Barry, Olivia and Trell are passionate about seeing the kingdom of Jesus come alive in the next generation.
Lori Rutledge
Childrens Minister
Lori is our newest, and in many ways our most important staff member.  The kingdom of heaven belongs to children, so how we impact and teach children matters greatly.  Lori and her husband Chaz have two beautiful children.
Our deacons perform the everyday work of servants.  These men, their wives, and their families serve so that we can better serve others.
Doug Boyd
Heath Hufstedler
Shannon Cochran
Cody Culwell
Dan Dockray
Geoff Dockray
Rick Zenor
Thomas Hallum
Colby Leach
Cody Mathews
Chaz Rutledge
jay McCook
Josh Watts
DeWayne Wilkinson