The Canadian Church of Chrsit is an active family made up of Christians who love God, love each other, and love the community we live in. Every Sunday, people from diverse backgrounds gather together in our building under one name – Jesus Christ. We study God’s Word, worship God in song, and take part in the Lord’s Supper. Children learn about the life of Jesus and the plan God has for them. 
Sundays are our time to encourage, be equipped, and to launch ourselves out into the week with renewed focus and hope. Our Sundays, are not the culmination of our week, but they are the beginning. As we enter into the work week we believe our faith should make a difference and make an impact on our work, our marriages, our families, our resources and our decisions. We would invite anyone from any background to come and join us in this pursuit of Jesus. He is our maker and sustainer!



There are many ways to get connected at the Canadian Church of Christ. Whether you are single,
have a family, or you are a teen looking for connection.  We have a place for everyone.
Check out our ministries below and find out what makes us who we are.