News and Events Feb. 24, 2019

Big 3
Teacher Banquet Thanks: Thank you to all who came and those that helped make our teacher banquet a success. We are so thankful for all you do for our kids and hope you will continue to show them they are loved and belong here! Thank you especially to Allison Perkins for all your help!
Ski Trip Payments: All ski trip payments are due by next Sunday March  3rd.  We leave on Saturday, March 9th at 8:00 am from the church parking lot.
Baby Bible Blessing: This morning we are so thankful to be blessing several families with Bibles for the youngest or newest child.  What a great gift to have so many children in this church family.
News and Events

Good Morning: Today is going to be amazing!  Let us remember the two fold purpose of why we worship.  We worship to give glory to God for all He has done and to lift each other up.  So let’s praise and encourage today!   Upcoming Missionary Visit: On March 10th, Clay Harper with Brazil church planting will be here to share in his work with us.  Clay will be reporting during our adult Bible class at 9:30 am.   Church Instagram: Give us a follow on Instagram @CanadianCofC.   Summer Youth Intern:  Megan Krehbiel will be spending her summer as a Youth Intern, with our student ministry, beginning in May.  Megan is a student at Oklahoma State and was in Jake’s youth ministry years ago.  We are excited to have her.  She will be here for a meet and greet on April 15th.   Toddler Nursery:  Our Toddler Nursery is staffed and is a fun place for your crawler-2 year old.  We have a new pager system so we can call you if your little one needs you.  We are excited to offer this new system to you!   24 Hours of Prayer: On March 4th, David Albin will get his long awaited appointment at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix.  We are excited for him and Amy.  Because we believe that God has gifted doctors, we are hopeful; but we also believe that prayer to the Great Physician is even better.  So we want to challenge everyone to sign up to pray for at least 20 minutes or more on March 1st and 2nd from noon to noon.  This 24 hours of prayer is for David, his healing, and God’s hand to be with him.  Sign up today.   Ski Trip Payments:  If you are going on the ski trip, please get your final payment in to the office by next Sunday, March 3rd.   Men’s Brinner: March 4th at 6:30 pm.  Hope you plan on being here with us.  Guys of all ages are invited and encouraged to come and fellowship.   Baby Shower: Ciara Watts Baby Shower, March 2nd @ 10am @ Janetta Wright’s home, 1016 S. 5th   LTC Celebration: Go ahead and mark those calendars for April 17th.  On this Wednesday, we will combine all classes to celebrate together our LTC participants.

 LTC Practices: Today our LTC teams practice at 2:45pm –3rd-8th grade Drama practice –Chorus practice- @ 7pm—Bible Bowl /Quiz:  7:30pm. Sign Language starts Feb. 25th
Youth Ministry

Summer Intern Alert- We want to welcome our Student ministry summer intern, Megan Krehbiel. She is a junior, at Oklahoma State University, studying Human Development and Family systems. She plans on going to PA school after graduation, and then do mission work abroad. Her favorite thing to do is hang out with people. She enjoys basketball, eating and sleeping, even though those things are rare in college. She is counting down the days till she joins this church family and grows alongside us this summer.   Wednesday Night Healthy Sexuality Class- February 27th is our last night for separate guy and girl classes. Even if you haven’t been able to make it to the other class times you don’t want to miss what is happening this week. Our wonderful men and women volunteers have been wonderful and the student ministry thanks you for making time for our students.   Upcoming Student Ministry Events- March 6th, High School lunch at the building, March 7th, Thursday Night Hoops @ 6:30pm, March 16th, AIR U in Amarillo- van leaves @ 1pm from the building, bring $40.