News and Events March 24, 2019

Big 3
OC Visit: Next Saturday our friends from Oklahoma Christian will be here for an informational visit.  This event is for all our HS teens and parents. The gathering begins Saturday at 6:00 pm in the fellowship hall.  Come out and meet OC’s president John Desteiguer.
Guatemala Fundraiser Orders: Mrs Katie’s Fried Pies, Mrs Doris’ Banana Pudding, Melinda’s Cheese Grits, Mrs Jane’s Pretzel Salad are all include in the cookbook. Cost is $20 and proceeds will help funds for the  Guatemala trip. Pre-order information will be out next week.
Fellowship Feast and Intern Welcome: Make sure you join us on April 14th, for fellowship feast. We will welcome our summer intern Megan Krehbiel and get to hear from her.  She will share her goals for the summer as well as a report from India.
News and Events
Good Morning:   We are blessed to have you today!  We hope you feel connected, loved, and encouraged.  This morning Jake will be wrapping up our Holy Spirit study.  Next week, we welcome in Dr. John Desteiguer president of Oklahoma Christian.  John is coming to Canadian to get to know our High School students and parents and to preach.  We will be blessed by his message!
20’s and 30’s Class: New adult class begins this morning upstairs in the 4-6th grade class!  All singles and young married/families are welcome.  We are excited to begin this class for our community and church family.
Easter Series: Be sure to invite a friend to our Easter series that begins on April 7th and runs through Easter Sunday.  Take the handout in your chair and give it to someone you are praying for.
Men’s Retreat: Men do not miss it!  Make sure and get July 11-13th on your calendar so you can get away to Angel Fire this year.  Mitch Wilburn returns to bless us and spend time helping us know Jesus more fully.
Men’s Brinner: April 8th at 6:30 pm.  All ages are invited to join us for the meal and our challenging devotional.
End of Me Book: If you haven’t had a chance to pick up a book for our Wednesday night study we have a few left.  They are $10 each.  You can purchase one from the office.
Teachers for Quarter #2: Our 2nd quarter starts April 7 and we need new teachers. Please sign up, love on our kids and teach them about Jesus!
Abraham Home Devo: Today at 2:00 pm.  Devo led by Shane Sawyer.  Come serve and love on some great people at the Abraham Home.
LTC Practices:  LTC teams practice –Sunday @ 2:45pm –3rd-8th grade Drama practice –Chorus practice-Sunday @ 7pm—Bible Bowl /Quiz:  Monday @ 7:00pm- Sign Language-Monday 4-5pm & Wed. 6-7pm.  
LTC Celebration: On Wednesday night, April 17th, we will have our LTC celebration.  All classes will be combined as we celebrate and encourage our LTC participants.
Youth Ministry
OCU President and Gang- March 30-31st. Dr DeSteiger the president of Oklahoma Christian will be here to speak with our teens. Saturday night at 6pm in the fellowship hall we will have a dinner for high schoolers and their parents.   Sunday morning we will be greeted with Krispy Kreme’s and Dr. Desteiger teaching the teen class. You don’t want to miss this. If you are a high schooler or their parent please let Barry know if you plan on coming Saturday night.
Girls Bible Study- Brown Bag Roasters @ 7am Friday mornings
For King and Country Concert- Amarillo Civic Center April 14th @ 6pm. Tickets are $28 dollars and we still have a few. If interested talk with Barry.
High School Lunch at the church April 11th.
TONIGHT!!!! LTC chorus practice in the foyer- 7:03pm